26 Gauge MIL-83513 Military Spec Automated Contact Crimping Machine by Automated Applications

  • MIL-83513 
  • Auto-Feed Micro Crimping
  • Machine is designed around a Dainels Crimping Tool - WA22
  • Auto Loads Contacts Into a Crimp Head
  • Technavibes Auto Vibratory Feeder Bowl Supplies Contacts to An Inline Rail
  • Vibratory Controller Controls the Speed of Delivery
  • Vaccuum Shuttle Delivers Contact to a Mandrel, Then rotates the Contact 45 Degrees and Inserts It Into the Crimp Tool Presenting it to the Operator
  • Operator Inserts a Wire and Presses a Foot Pedal to Crimp the Wire
  • The Control Panel/ Operator Interfact Can Display Fault Codes, Count Contacts, Fault Counts, and can be Custom Programmed