This machine takes pins from the flex feeder that would normally telescope and is able to feed them. The vision inspects for orientation and the SCARA robot pics the parts from the flex feeders in the correct orientation and inspects for correct length, bend of part and then inserts into a part.

Flex Feeding Connectors that are difficult to feed in a Feeder Bowl. Robotic Vision is used to pick up parts off the flex feeder.

High Speed Connector Pin Stitcher Machine by  Bandolier Pins insterted into a connector and bent to a Right Angle at 700 per minute. 2 Circuit to 25 Circuit with Selective Skip Pattern Capability, tube loading..

 The Connector is indexed by a servo walking beam and contacts are stitched into connector with a servo cam stitching head.

Connector Tube Loader

Intelligent Acutator slide places pin counted connectors into tubes with a servo driven actuator. 

Low Volume Connector Assembly Line - This machine magazine feeds connector insulators and inserts 2 rows of contacts, cuts contact strip to length, servo bends contacts to 90 degrees and counts contact count, and offloads into track. 

A flexible way of feeding contacts not using a feeder bowl. Hard Parts to orient because they may not have the right center of gravity or telescope into each other. 

Servo Actuated Connector Eject Station  This station ejects connectors that Failt quality control checks.

 This station takes a connector from a stitching head walking beam and rotates it 90 degrees and placesinto to a connector assembly track. Parts are verified using a Keyence Laser sensor for placement.

 Contacts are Dereeled and interleaf paper is taken up. This is used to supply contact strip to insertion stitch heads.

 Connector assembly machine taking parts out of a walking beam tracks and rotating them 180 degrees and placing them into a pocketed tray. Tray is indexed using a yaskawa servo motor and brecoflex timing belt system.

This Station Takes a Bad Part out of a walking beam track and places it into a reject track for rework.

Bandolier Contact Stitching At 1000 Pins Per Minute

Automated Tape and Reel Packaging Machine Removed connectors from tubes and insert vacuum cap onto connector then place into tape and reel sealing machine.