Before making the investment into an A Level Automated Solution, Automated Applications can build you a semi automatic work cell to build your product with safety and quality in mind.  These machines require an operator to feed and unload finish parts.  They are PLC controlled work cells.  

This Machine is a Semi Automatic Station single piece flow fed by an operator. Automated Applications, Inc. 5212 Kazuko Court Moorpark, CA 93021 T: +1-805-529-2424

This is a Bandolier insertion machine which inserts one length of contact at a time and is manually operated. 

This Machine removes pins from a bandolier and inserts 2 rows into a connector insulator. A separate station seats a second insulator onto the first assembly. 

This machine bends a single row of contacts that are inserted into an insulator at a previous station and has changeover tooling to bend a second row of contacts.