AAI has developed manufacturing solutions for Military Connectors including contact assembly and gauging, striping and color-coding, zone annealing and insulator sealing. AAI contact assembly and gauging machines produce complete contacts that are assembled and inspected to military specifications.

Contact Electronic Gauging Force and Weight Check This machine is checking for insertion and withdrawal force at 100 Parts Per Minute 

Micro Pad Printing Contact Trademark This station micro pad prints logos or trademarks onto contact assemblies at 60 PPM. 

A flexible way of feeding contacts not using a feeder bowl. Hard Parts to orient because they may not have the right center of gravity or telescope into each other. Automated Cam Pick and Place Into Precision Link Indexer.

Contact Paint Striper Striping Military Contacts to Mil-spec Identification stripes 

Automated Single Contact Bending Machine This Machine Bends contacts 90 degrees and ejects into a cup. 

Contact Assembly And Electronic Gauging Machine - at 100 Parts Per Minute. This machine assembles a 3 piece contact, crimps the contact to the body and electronically force checks for insertion and withdrawal force. Then it sorts contacts by force values. 

Contact Crimping Head | Contact Staking Head This station precision crimps/stakes at 4 positions on the shrouds/hoods onto contact pins at 100 PPM. This is a cam actuated station. 

This is a pick and place mechanism that is radially orienting parts and pick and placing them into a cam indexed dial plate.  This machine is used to assemble electronic contacts and test for weight retention and insertion value.